Halt And Catch Fire

electroacoustic improvisation concert for violin double bass and electronics

2023 -

Duration: 40'00''Sound diffusion: stereophonic | quadriphonic | acousmonium

HALT AND CATCH FIRE is an improvisational concert for acoustic instruments and electronics. It is the musical translation of an operational instruction that tends to build ambitious architectures, poised between electronic rhythm and timbre permutation, where the elements try to succeed and overwhelm each other in a growing and very rapid cycle that tends to the limit, until arriving at an inevitable collapse point. Halt and catch fire (HCF) is in fact a dummy assembly language instruction used to define instructions that bring the CPU into a state from which it can only be brought out with a reset. Nicola Cappelletti: violin and electronicsFerdinando Romano: double bass

Performances 10.04.2023 - Indigo Art Gallery, Perugia (IT) HACF #0215.03.2023 - Murate Caffè Letterario, Firenze (IT) - HACF #01