Monades +

fixed media


Duration: 6'52"Sound diffusion: stereo

Monad (from Greek μονάς, “singularity” ) may refer in philosophy variously to a single source acting alone, or to an indivisible origin, or to an elementary particle. This piece represents an investigation that originates in the exposition of a monad, created with two samples of clarinet multiphonic. Through some rhythmic elaboration techniques, different synthesis methodologies and spectral processing, a path is delineated within the sound, which explores the very nature of the elements brought into play in a system that tends to disintegrate and recompose itself in a new unit, but completely transfigured. A new monad, where every residual of harmony or assonance with the initial sound material has completely disappeared.


21.06.2021 - NYCEMF, virtual on line festival, New York (USA) *premiere