for flughelhorn and live electronics



A numerical interpretation of the Fibonacci serie becomes the structural pretext for this piece, consisting of a constant dialogue between flugelhorn and electronics. Those two instruments stage a narration that starts from the extended techniques of the flugelhorn and ends in a landscape designed by the electro-acoustic elaboration of the reachable extremes of the same. At the center, a dizzying acceleration, a chase in which the instrument draws paths that the electronic processing follows, metabolizes and returns in a continuously changing form.


Flugelhorn: Riccardo Catria


25.01.2018 - Auditorium del Conservatorio F. Morlacchi, Concerto Inaugurazione Anno Accademico, Perugia.
24.05.2018 - Luigi Nono FotoAlbum con Musica – Incontro con Nuria Schömberg Nono – Auditorium del Conservatorio F. Morlacchi, Perugia.