2017. For violin, fixed media, live electronics.

Title: Colophonia
For violin, fixed media, live electronics.
Author: Nicola Cappelletti
Video: Andrea Staiano
Year: 2017
Duration: 7:02
Category: Audiovisual
Formats: Performance or audiovisual diffusion (2.1)

Colophony is the “Greek pitch”, used to increase the friction of the bow on the strings of a violin. This piece is the narration of a genesis and a path, in which all the sounds are generated by the violin and electronically processed. Colophonia a metaphorical representation of a dialectic between tone and noise, pitch and inharmonic material, friction and resonance. A path that alternates tension and release, in which the tension towards equilibrium is continually contradicted and crumbled, until a final denied catharsis.

05.05.2017 – Segnali 2017, Auditorium Conservatorio di Musica F. Morlacchi – Perugia (Italy)
15.12.2017 – Re-Sound, Auditorium Pollini – Padova (Italy)
27.11.2018 – Grain Of Sound Festival, San Francisco Conservatory of Music – San Francisco (USA)
25.07.2019 – Suoni Controvento Festival, Fossato di Vico (Italy)

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