A Tuning Study: Montepulciano

sound installation


Sound diffusion: quadriphonic

A Tuning Study: Montepulciano is a site-specific sound installation that originates from the mapping of the tonics, signals, and sound imprints that define the city's sound ecosystem. Deterministic and random processes of synthesis, intrinsically connected to the timbral characteristics of the recorded material through the processes of spectral analysis and auto-convolution, were used to generate a new soundscape, at once identifiable and imaginative. The soundscape was divided into three bands: the upper band (aerial), the middle band (proper to human activities), and the lower band (underground), each of which was investigated with the use of dedicated microphones and filming techniques, documenting the sound contexts both neutrally and through the solicitation of materials, vibrating bodies, mechanical objects and surfaces present in the areas of investigation, in order to analyze their timbral potential and activate a dialogue with the context. Tracklist:01 / Esterno Pozzo (5:00)02 / Leave The Gun (4:47)03 / Interno Pozzo (7:40)04 / Avviamento (5:46)05 / Let Ring (4:37)06 / Parco (5:03)07 / Terrazze (9:44)08 / Acque (10:36)09 / Mosaicing (3:40) A Tuning Study: Montepulciano is a commission by 49° Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte of Montepulciano.

Performances12/17.07.2024 - Chiostro del Comune, 49° Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte Montepulciano (IT) [premiere]