Lo Scoppio

audiovisual fixed media


Duration: 4'40''Sound diffusion: stereophonic

Scoppio is a small town in the municipality of Acquasparta (TR), abandoned around 1950 following a series of earthquakes. It takes its name from the Latin Scopulus (cliff), due to its dominant position over the plain. Scoppio is a ghost town: the only access is a bumpy road and it’s permeated with peace and harmony, as nature is taking over everything. However, history and the genius loci are overbearingly felt, with a swarm of life permeating every stone. The video starts from the hypothetical discovery of a box of old photos of ancient inhabitants of the village, brought back to life and interacting with the landscape through a work that combines analogue and digital, experimenting with self-constructed photographic filters. The sound is defined by using concrete sounds from an imaginary unearthed memory box filled with everyday objects and mechanical toys. The soundscape created becomes the narration of a potential unrealized future, in a strong relationship with the images, to expose all the physical, historical, and remembrance fragilities of the place. Just as the Latin name suggests a concrete approach to timbre, its "translation" in Scoppio, as result of an elaboration by vulgar linguistic phenomena, becomes the key to understanding the electronic processing and synthesis used and the sound editing, emphasizing the contrasts with the appearance of unexpected sounds. Music: Nicola CappellettiVideo: Romina Bracchi Cirkus Vogler

Awards.Zeugma Landscape 2023 Offical Selection.

Performances18.09.2023 - Atemporanea Festival 2023, Auditorio Subsuelo, Conservatorio Astor Piazzolla, Buenos Aires (ARG).05-08.10.2023 - Simultan Festival, Muzeul Corneliu Miklosi, Timisoara (RO).29.10.2023 - Narnimmaginaria, Palazzo dei Priori, Narni (ITA).