b_k_n ()

fixed media


Duration: 8'55''
Sound diffusion: quadriphonic fixed media

The piece is inspired by the the sculpture "The Broken Circle” by Beverly Pepper, an element of land art in the city of Brufa, in Umbria (Italy).

b_k_n( ) intends to restore the representation of a generating force, of an explosive event that produces the beginning of life and of the world, in a timbrical and structural dimension where the contrast between stillness and dynamism creates a formal balance poised between possibility and impossibility. The overall circular trend, from which sound structures emerge that offer as many interrupted paths of ascent and descent, interprets the materiality of the original work and its conflictual contrast with the landscape, reading it from different distances and according to different angles. The timbrical research aims to recall the materials used for sculpture (mainly steel and concrete), with the preparation of traditional instruments as violin and an electric bass guitar, to generate sound materials to feed many electronic synthesis processes (granular synthesis, re-synthesis and physical modeling) used to build the piece.
The result is a work that associates the materiality of sound and the use of residual timbres as citation s of the associated collective ancestral memory to the universal shape of the circle.


11.10.2023 - Australasian Computer Music Conference, ElectroMUSE, UNE Sidney (AUS)
07.10.2023 - Seoul International Computer Music Festival 23, General Culture Center, National University of Education, Seoul (KOR)
07.10.2023 - Muslab 2023, Museo Antropologico Y De Arte Contemporaneo, Guayaquil (ECUA)
14.04.2023 - SICM Colloque International, Université de Lille, Lille (FR)
11.04.2023 - UNDÆ Radio #261, Radio Circulo (ES, ARG)